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Qatar Airways Manage Booking

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Qatar Airways Manage Booking

Book additional services and make your journey more comfortable using Qatar Manage Booking. We are one of the renowned partners of the airline, offering the cheapest additional services along with flexible flight changes. We are authorised to make the flight changes if the fare rules allow us to do so. You can change the flights with a very smooth procedure. To purchase the additional services or make changes to the Qatar Airways booking, you simply have to call our customer service team. After you call our consultants, you have to provide us with the reservation code and your last name. For managing booking Qatar Airways, PNR is one of the most important pieces of information. Without PNR, we can’t make any kind of changes to the booking. Here are a few of the services that can be availed of by contacting Qatar to manage bookings for UK flights.

Modify your booking

The Manage Booking on the Qatar Airways website includes many of the changes that we can offer you at cheaper prices as per the cost specified by the airline. Most of the time, we offer prices that are lower than those of airlines because they may include service charges. Passengers can manage bookings on Qatar Airways, which includes changing the date of departure or arrival. You can also contact our teams about changing the time. Many of the passengers change the time those who have a transit time of more than six hours. Six hours is bearable for normal passengers travelling from the United Kingdom. Manage my booking. Qatar Airways is now easy because the London office is always ready to cope with the issues you are facing regarding the flight changes.

Select Your Seats

Seat selection is very important on flights. You have to call our team for seat selection before at least 24 hours of the departure time. By calling us, you can ask us about the window seats or aisle seats. Window seats are best for travellers who want to see the flying clouds and beautiful scenery, and aisle seats are best for those who just want to spend their journey in any kind of environment. Qatar manages your booking and also offers extra legroom seats, which are more comfortable. These seats are specially designed for passengers who want to take a complete rest during the journey. Manage Booking on Qatar Airways or the Qatar Manage Booking website will allow you to select the most favourable seats from the seating map. You can also identify the seat number from the seating map and send us an email. 

Purchase additional Baggage Allowance

Manage My Booking with Qatar Airways allows passengers to add the extra baggage allowance at a lower cost. Although Qatar Airways includes the excessive baggage allowance for many of the destinations, in some circumstances, you may need the extra baggage allowance after booking the flights. We deal with the baggage allowance in both the piece concept and the weight concept. Where the weight concept is applied, you can purchase the extra baggage in kilogrammes, and where the piece concept is applied, you have to purchase the baggage in pieces (one small piece of baggage is 23 kg and one large piece of baggage allowance is comprised of 32 ). Qatar Manage's booking team is always ready to answer your baggage allowance queries. 

Make a special request

We are always trying our best to add the maximum possible ease and comfort to our flights. Qatar Manage a Booking allows you to book the following services:

  • Wheelchair service
  • Mobility Devices
  • Individual assistance
  • Service animals
  • Meal preferences

These are a few of the services that the Qatar Airways team is offering for customers. We include wheelchair assistance free of charge, but services charges, which are specified by the airline, require you to pay those charges. They charge the £50.00 service charge on regular days, but for some of the special events and festivals, we charge £30.00. Include your special services by calling us or sending an email to our customer service team. 

Purchase travel insurance

Purchase travel insurance for unexpected events that may affect your journey. For purchasing travel insurance from Qatar Airwaysmanage booking team through the call centres, you should gather your reservation code and various other details that can be used for verification purposes. Although travel insurance is not a compulsory element of travel, it is most recommended by travel experts around the world. In case the passenger loses their baggage or his or her status becomes no-show on the flights, he can claim the travel insurance. 

Update passenger details

Sometimes, due to misunderstandings between the passenger and travel consultant, there may be a mistake in the passenger details. Manage your booking for Qatar Airways in the passenger details by contacting our customer care desk team. We are always on the desk for your queries. There may be mistakes in the passenger names, their ages, travel documents, or various other passenger details. We are responsible for the inclusion of the inclusion of the VISA document in the passenger’s ticket. We will send you the updated e-tickets in your emails. Otherwise, you can call us to resend the updated tickets.

Note: We will send the updates e-tickets on the email which you have provided us at the time of booking.

Verify your Payment

We know the value of your money and always ensure the transactions are secure between the passengers and Qatar Airways. After purchasing your desired services from the Manage Qatar Airways booking call centres or email desk, you have to make the payment. Once payment is done, you have to inform us or send a payment verification request. You have to timely inform us of the payments because we have to send your request to our accounts team. Once we receive the confirmation email from our accounts team, we will send you an email with confirmed and updated e-tickets. You will receive the tickets in the next 24 hours, but if your travel time is the same, we can re-issue the tickets within the next 3 to 4 hours. During that time, you should be calm and wait for your emails. After our specified time, you may call our emergency phone number, which is available on the booking manager for the Qatar Airways department.

We are always here to help you out with each and every query regarding the Qatar Airways Manage Booking. We will try to book these services at the lowest possible prices. The prices of additional services may be bargained for, but for the flight changes, we are not allowed to bargain. We only charge the amount that is specified by the airline. For the cheaper flight changes, you have to change at least 5-7 weeks before the departure time. At this time, the availability of the services is high. Purchase the premium services at reasonable prices from Qatar Manage Booking now. 

How do manage my flight booking with Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways Bookings can be managed through different means and methods. The best method to manage the tickets is through the booking option on the website. Here are a few of the most used methods for managing the booking:

Qatar Airways Website: The Qatar Airways official website is one of the most convenient and reliable methods of managing bookings. You can browse the website by writing in the navigation bar and navigating the option or webpage with the name Qatar Manage Booking. After putting the necessary details in the forms that appear to customers, you can access your booking. A PNR (passenger-named reservation) code and last name are required for accessing the booking. Once it is accessed, you can make flexible changes according to your preferences. 

Qatar Airways Mobile App: The Qatar Airways Mobile App is also a reliable and mobile solution for flight changes and extra services when staying at any place. Mobile applications are available on different platforms, like the Microsoft Store, the Play Store, and Apple iOS. From these platforms, customers can get an app and use it. After it has been installed in the system, you can navigate to the section “Qatar Airways Manage Booking” from the menu. The menu is labeled with the three dots in the Qatar Mobile application. The same details, PNR code, and last name are needed for accessing the booking. 

Airport Ticketing Offices: To get in-person assistance with your Qatar Airways flight management booking, you can visit the airline’s airport kiosks, go to the ticketing offices in your locality, or visit us to engage directly with Qatar Airways staff, who will assist you in managing your booking as per your preferences.

Third-Party Travel Agents or Agencies: For bookings made through third parties, the passenger is not eligible to access and utilize Qatar Airways' booking platform. Rather, only a third party can make changes to your travel itinerary on your behalf. So, it’s better to contact your travel agent in such a scenario rather than wasting time yourself.

Social Media Channels: Keeping up with the digital trends, Qatar Airways offers customer service via its social media channels as well. The airline has its official channels on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where you can send a direct message detailing your query and receive instant repose from the airline’s representative to manage a booking with Qatar Airways.

Contact Qatar Airways Customer Service: For any complex changes to your travel itinerary or queries related to the process, you can manage your booking with Qatar Airways through our customer support as well. Get in touch with our Qatar Airways representatives by dialing 0203-744-0008 or writing to us at, providing your booking details, and making any sort of changes to your travel plans you may have in mind. So, that’s how conveniently you can utilize our Qatar Airways Manage Booking medium to your benefit.

How can i change my flight date online on Qatar Airways? 

To Manage Booking Qatar Airways online from UK, we have divided the procedures in various steps which are listed below:

  • If you are a mobile phone user then download the Qatar Airways Mobile application from the different platforms like Android Play Store and Apple iOS store. But if you are using the personal computer, then navigate to the URL
  • Access the Manage Booking option within the mobile application or website. In the mobile application you have select it from the menu labelled with the three dots but for the website you have select it from the navigation bar. 
  • Access the booking by using the PNR code (also referred as the reservation code or booking code) and Last name. If you are frequent flyer then you have to create the account on mobile app or website. After creating account you can get the Privilege Membership details as well.
  • View and modify Booking as needed. You can modify the flight details, which include dates, flight times, departure, and/or arrival destination.
  • Confirm the changes and pay any applicable fare difference.
  • Save your updated travel itinerary for future use.

By following these simple steps you can change your flight departure and arrival dates online using Manage My Booking Qatar Airways platform. Passengers can also purchase additional services and make flexible changes on the same page.

How to check Qatar Airways manage booking? 

In order to check Qatar Airways manage booking with us, you can:

  • Browse the website online or download the mobile application.
  • Go to your nearest ticketing office or airport counter.
  • Visit a third-party agent for flights booked through their channel.
  • Reach to our social media representatives or customer service desk at 0203-744-0008 or

How to manage your Qatar Airways flight?

Though Qatar Airways flight booking management option offers the passengers to make flexible changings and additional services after booking the flights but booking these flights intelligently at the right time can save the time and money. 

Therefore, for using Manage Booking on Qatar Airways, here are some tips to consider:

  • Planning and booking your flights early offer you more flexibility for changes later without any extra costs. The earlier you book a flight, the greater will be the flexibility because of the large availability. Therefore, you can upgrade to your preferred seats, get additional services, and enjoy a wider range of services overall. 
  • Different fare types have different rules for managing your booking with Qatar Airways regarding flight modifications, cancellations, and any of the associated fees. Reviewing these rules beforehand ensures that you avoid any sort of unnecessary penalty by understanding the technicalities and fees associated with adjustments.
  • You must safeguard your account credentials to make sure that the security of your booking details remains uncompromised, as well as preventing unauthorised access or changes.
  • Qatar Airways' website and mobile app provide user-friendly platforms for Qatar Airways online booking management, allowing you to select seats, set meal preferences, and get other additional services. Using these tools not only offers convenience but also saves time.
  • Regularly monitor your flight status with Qatar Airways and manage your booking platform for any notifications related to changes in your flight schedules, delays, or other important updates.
  • Thoroughly understanding the terms and conditions related to managing bookings is the responsibility of every passenger to avoid unexpected charges or unknown limitations when making modifications.
  • If you have uncertain travel plans, consider booking flexible fare flights to have greater flexibility for changes later. Qatar Airways will manage my booking. These fare types, though expensive, are more accommodating in terms of modification or cancellation policies.
  • In case you have any uncertainties related to your flight management or require assistance navigating the platform, Qatar Airways' customer service team is available 24/7 for you at 0203-744-0008.